Thursday, 22 October 2020


Wolf XII Woodsman custom sheaths for Esee 4 and Tops Bob Fieldcraft knives

                             Wolf Zippo Pouch

- Wolf Drop Leg Sheath Platform customized
- Wolf Tactical Belt




This Wolf Drop Leg sheath was customized for 3 sheaths: Fallkniven A1XB, Fallkniven F1, Benchmade SOCP plus a pouch for SOG Power Lock EOD. Also all the sheaths and pouch are removable from the platform and can be assembled separately into different setups, such as Wolf IX Modern Frontiersman sheath for A1XB, Wolf sheath for F1, Wolf sheath for Benchmade SOCP and Wolf pouch for SOG Power Lock EOD. This gear has extra attachments to provide the choice between single sheath carry or piggyback sheath carry.
All the set works like a Lego...

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