Wednesday 14 December 2022


- Wolf XII Woodsman custom sheath for ESEE 4
- Wolf III sheath for ESEE 6 with front pouch for two ESEE AH1 Arrowheads and firesteel loop (side)


                                      -Wolf XVI Evolution sheath for Extrema Ratio NK1
- Wolf XIII Stealth sheath for Bastinelli Pika


-Wolf Zippo Pouches

- Wolf III Predator sheath for Busse TGLB
- Wolf XII Woodsman custom sheath for Fallkniven A1



- Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch for Leatherman Surge - Bit Kit - Extender


Wolf XIV Hourglass for:
- Amsler Hurricane Razor 2049
- Acta Non Verba (ANV) M050

- Wolf III Fieldcraft sheath for Esee 6-customized with front pouch for large Altoids-sized tin + two side loops