Saturday 20 December 2014

For 2015,

The path...

Wolf Wind will present New Wolf Sheaths and some upgrades, as well.
Also, there will be big projects with the introduction of new equipments.

Wolf Wind Leatherworks is proud to serve you!

Thank you all for your loyalty, support and friendship.

Be well and be safe!

With compliments,
Manuel Janeiro

Sunday 12 October 2014

To continue the upgrades from the first wolves... the New Wolf sheath for Fällkniven A1:

Have a look on:

Friday 10 October 2014

From one of the first wolves, arrives a new version of himself - the new sheath for Fällkniven S1 (upgrade).

Have a look on...

Stay tunned for the Fällkniven A1 (upgrade) version, coming soon...

Wednesday 17 September 2014

To find out the differences...

Wolf Equipment Pouch and Wolf Survival Pouch (NEW) 


Sunday 24 August 2014


Wolf IV Survival sheath with detachable Wolf Pouch

Wednesday 23 July 2014

WOLF VI SERE sheath for ESEE 5 knife

The new Wolf VI sheaths were based on the SERE concept, which created the idea of transforming a sheath into a specific tool for the task. For so, Wolf Wind chose to fulfill the concept, a firesteel holder for the ESEE Standard Fire Kit  (a Fire Starter with a mini survival kit container that includes a button compass and a watertight capsule with storage space).
Also, the pouches for Altoids  tins (two sizes:small or large by order), were chosen to store some more basic but essential survival items, such as water purification tablets, tinder, some first aid items or any other personal survival gear which may be very helpful out there...
For so and as base, the Wolf Modular leather sheath allows the following configurations:

SERE Navigation sheath

  SERE Survival sheath
SERE Survival 2 sheath

Note: As Wolf SERE is a modular sheath that works like a set, the Wolf Wind customers may order just one configuration or more than one (by order) to improve/change the Wolf sheath depending on their needs or tasks...


These different sheaths configurations made to order are available on:

Saturday 7 June 2014


Wolf Wind Leatherworks UPGRADES

During the current year, Wolf Wind intends to present sheaths upgrades for the following knives:


- Fällkniven S1
- Fällkniven A1
- BK2 - Becker Campanion
Stay tuned...

Monday 5 May 2014

Wolf Wind Leatherworks in collaboration with Fredrik Haakonsen Knives presents:
- F.H. Sere 1 Knife with a custom WOLF WIND Leatherworks Sheath -
Fredrik Haakonsen is a norwegian knifemaker and a member of Norsk Knivforening (the Norwegian Knife Association), with a PhD in metallurgy. He´s specialized in the selection, heat treatment and production of wear and tool steels, with collaborations on companies producing knives and cutting tools both in Norway and Sweden.

Wolf Haakonsen Custom Sheath:                                                                
Modular heavy duty leather sheath                                              
Double stitching with two passages of waxed linen thread          
Reinforced stress points                                                             
Heavy duty USMC snap fasteners                                               
Black oxide treated steel screws                                                 
Adjust belt tie system for vertical carry
Option of hybrid advanced version with Tek-Lok included


            I- Wolf custom sheath



Wednesday 2 April 2014


A full cycle of four seasons already passed since I embraced Wolf Wind project to be a long journey with many Wolves continually being part of the Wolf Wind commitment:
To design Heavy Duty leather sheaths, Solidly Built, Functional, Versatile and Timeless...
Wolf Sheaths are a Suit of Armour that your knife has the privilege to sit in, made to be almost Indestructible with a Lifetime Warranty to protect one of your best companion in a survival situation- your knife.
Because a good knife deserves always a good and trustful sheath!

Yours Sincerely,

Manuel Janeiro
Wolf Wind Leatherworks

Friday 14 March 2014

Black Scout Survival: Wolf Wind Leatherworks- Wolf V ESEE-4 Advanced Sheath

Today we will be discussing an excellent sheath offering from Wolf Wind Leatherworks. This is the Wolf V ESEE-4 Advanced Sheath. It comes all the way from Portugal and was designed by an avid outdoorsman. By the way this thing is outfitted you can tell this guy has spent some time in the woods.

This sheath is constructed from 8-10oz high quality vegetable tanned leather that has been hand selected by Manuel himself. Each sheath has been hand stitched with waxed linen thread to ensure a long life for the sheath. All the hardware is black oxide treated screws from the USA and it also sports MIL-SPEC fasteners and nickel studs.

The sheath is modular- meaning that components can be moved or removed to fit your needs. I've seen various kydex modular sheaths but as far as I know this is the only leather one I've seen. On the back of the sheath you will notice two D-rings. These are designed to store paracord (that is included with the sheath). This can either work as a leg tie-down or to use in a survival situation. The red cord is used to attach to the ESEE AH-1 arrowhead that will ride in the front pocket. The bright color is to ensure that you can find it easily on the forest floor.

The sheath is attached by what looks to essentially be a leather tek-lock style fastener. It is adjustable for various belt sizes so that it will ride snug to reduce movement when walking.

The knife is held in place by an ambidextrous retention strap. The strap will rotate out of the way or can be adjusted for right or left hand carry.

The pouch on the front is designed to carry the ESEE AH-1 arrowhead. This can be used to hunt or as a striker for your ferrocerium rod. The pouch is also removable with a flat head screwdriver.

I always like to have a ferro rod loop on my knife sheath. I like to have it as a back up to my ferro rod I keep in my fire kit. In the case I get separated from my pack and only have my knife. I was happy to see Manuel add this function to his sheath designs. This ferro rod loop accepts up to a 3/8" ferro rod. It can also be moved to the other side of the sheath with a phillips head screwdriver.

I've been impressed with this sheath. It has to be one of the toughest leather sheath's I've come across. It holds the knife extremely secure even without using the retention strap. It has the security of a kydex sheath but with the benefit of leather. The sheath also comes with a warranty for as long as you own it. Aside from all its functionality it also looks great!

Check this sheath out as well as other products at

Wolf V Advanced sheath for ESEE 4

Wolf V Advanced sheath (back) for ESEE 4

Wolf V Adv. sheath (Pouch for ESEE AH1 arrowhead)


Thursday 20 February 2014

The next Wolves:

Wolf VI SERE for ESEE 5
- Wolf II Bushcraft for Benchmade 162 Sibert 

Thursday 30 January 2014

Wolf Wind Leatherworks take a next step and decided to develop and built a practical Equipment Belt :

the Wolf Equipment Belt.

Leather gear is generally regarded as having a more traditional appearance. Wolf Wind option was try to built a equipment belt that combines traditional leather with the best-in-the-world modern hardware. One is a vegetable-tanned leather with reinforced adjustability and the other is the world's safest, strongest quick release buckles - Austrialpin Cobras. The best of both worlds!
Wolf Wind Equipment Belts are to be worn outside a jacket or as a second belt and designed to carry equipment more comfortable and at the same time to keep close at hand in a readily acessible manner.
All the Hardware is made in USA and Europe -Austria- of the finest materials and carry a full lifetime guarantee.
Like Wolf´s sheaths, the pieces or attachments of Wolf belt can be removable or replaced with a phillips screwdriver. 
Wolf Wind is proud to provide an extremely durable belt that will outperform and outlast anything made offshore. 


With Compliments,
Manuel Janeiro
Wolf Wind Leatherworks

Friday 24 January 2014


Wolf sheaths are made to last, so you can always use a phillips screwdriver to upgrade a new part of your sheath or just to replace it or for maintenance... Anyway, the Wolf Wind pieces as also the attachments are removable from the modular sheath for you have the option of using as your convenience.