Sunday 22 February 2015

Wolf Wind Leatherworks path into the WILDERNESS concept

An understanding of the basic concepts of how to survive in the wilderness is essential if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation in the wilderness where you will be confronted with many problems that you need to overcome.

The new Wolf VII Wilderness sheath for Fällkniven A2 + WM1 is build according to the basic needs for survival in the wilderness. 

Following the circumstances you are dealing with, you will need to:

- Find or make a shelter against the weather. Maintaining an ideal body temperature is crucial, especially at nights.Your Fällkniven A2 knife will be your best help...
- Build a fire. Use the US 550 Firecord provided with the sheath, which includes the waterproof LifeFire - a fire starting tinder inside the Paracord, which is a colour tracer line between the seven strands of the 550 paracord lines. To deploy it, just remove a small length of the tracer line. Than, use leaves, grass, bark, resin or use your knife to cut dry sticks to the fire.
- Find water - boiling is the most certain way of killing all microorganisms. However, will not neutralize chemical pollutants. For so, use water purification tablets that should be included on the tin pouch of the sheath.
- Obtain food in the wild - one good help will be your Fällkniven WM1 to prepare the food you have or may obtain.

Also, as carry options, the Wolf VII Wilderness sheath can be easily attached to MOLLE webbing from your backpack or rucksack or even carried as a Bandolier through the Wolf Equipment Sling on a comfortable way and close to hand in a readily accessible manner, specially if you are wearing a jacket or a parka. This accessory is made with traditional reinforced leather combined with one of the best modern hardware and the strongest quick release buckles. Also, like the Wolf Wind pieces and attachments, it can be removable and replaceable. The Wolf Equipment Sling (included with the sheath) is quickly adjustable for length and carry options. 

Basic rules if you are lost and alone in the wilderness:

- Stop (state of mind is an important factor in survival-maintain a strong will to survive)
- Think through your situation (what do you have that can help you in this situation?) 
- Observe your surroundings (where should you stay?) and 
- Plan before you go into action 

Never forget that Survival depends on your ability to withstand stress and to take appropriate actions.
Mental preparedness, knowledge and skills are a must!

In the fight for Survival, your wilderness knife/sheath are your most important survival asset...

The new Wolf VII Wilderness sheath for Fällkniven A2, has a SPECIAL OFFER PRICE:
until March 31 2015

For more information, have a look on: 

Wolf III Upgrade sheath for Fällkniven A1 and Wolf VII Wilderness sheath for Fällkniven A2 (side by side)

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Friday 20 February 2015


The NEW WOLF IV Sheath for Fällkniven TOR

Made to order. Have a look on: