Monday 15 February 2016

Endurance is about pushing your limits!
In these situations, reliable and functional gear can become an invaluable partner that enables you to go further and push harder to achieve your goals.

This primal idea was the mindset for the design/concept of the Wolf III Predator sheath  
- itself a survival system -


Wolf III Predator sheath for BUSSE Team Gemini LB

To be used and abused.

The design includes a heavy duty holder on the front for carry the Nagatac Cretaceous Titanium life capsule. A container that maximizes your storage capacity and makes it even easier to accommodate your survival essentials, from fish hooks, line, matches, tinder, water purification tablets... to anything you may need for an emergency/survival situation.
Also includes a leather loop to carry the Aurora Fire Starter and a leather loop for a small flashlight. 

The Wolf III Predator sheath is timeless and indestructible as the knife itself!

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