Tuesday 15 May 2018

Wolf Drop Leg Sheath Platform  - a New product from


This practical and comfortable platform provides the benefits of a modular base point of attachment for Wolf sheaths and Wolf pouches with high versatility, according to each customer request.
Adjustable polyamide and nylon webbing strap fitted with Austrialpin Cobra quick-release buckles make the platform comfortable and fully adjustable to the operator upper leg dimension, ensuring total security, through the polyamide leg webbing straps sewn on the leather to keep the platform from sliding or shifting from the weight of the gear.
Sheaths and pouches can be removed and installed creating a unique configuration setup/layout system.
Made to be worn comfortably while performing a strenuous physical activity, like hiking or hunting, it´s ideal for all those who want to carry around a knife, whetstone, emergency fire starter, small flashlight, firesteel, fishing line, compass, flare or other accessories, creating a sort of survival kit that can be kept on the leg.

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