Monday, 9 December 2019


Wolf EDC Pouch (USMC black with black stitching)

Wolf Tactical Pouch for Cold Steel Finn folding knife


Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch for Leatherman Wave - Bit Kit - Extender

Wolf Key Fob

Wolf custom Multi-Tool Pouch for Gerber Center Drive with internal slot for 10-piece Gerber Tool Kit

Wolf custom sheath for Al Mar SF 10 knife

Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch for Leatherman - Bit Kit - Extender  
Charge TTi with extra loop for a flashlight

Wolf XIII Stealth Sheath for Bastinelli Pika

Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch II for Leatherman Surge

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Saturday, 23 November 2019


- Wolf EDC Pouch with firesteel loop
- Wolf EDC upgrade sheath for Esee Izula knife with Fomi belt clip and extra US Paracord Neck Carry option

- Wolf Casual Belt
- Wolf Card Sleeve Wallet

Thursday, 21 November 2019



Click on the links below:
Soldier Systems Daily  (Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch for Leatherman - Bit Kit - Extender)


Soldier Systems Daily  (Wolf Satchel Bag and Wolf Drop-In Organizer)


Soldier Systems Daily  (Wolf Adjustable Multi-Tools Pouch)


Soldier Systems Daily  (Wolf Heavy Duty Operation Bag)


Soldier Systems Daily  (Wolf Equipment Belt, Wolf EDC Belt and Wolf Equipment Pouch)


Woodcraft Hamster

             -   (Wolf V custom sheath for Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife)

             -   (Wolf Equipment Belt and Wolf Survival Pouch)

             -   (Belt)

Pinewood CH

            -   (Wolf IV sheath for Fällkniven Odin Knife)

            -   (Wolf Equipment Belt)

Black Scout Survival  (Wolf V sheath for ESEE 4 knife - Advanced model)


Equip 2 Endure   (Wolf sheaths for Fällkniven F1 and ESEE Izula knives)


Tuesday, 12 November 2019

This pouch is a new version for the Leatherman multi-tools 
from Wolf Wind Leatherworks:

Wolf Multi-Tool Pouch for Leatherman-Bit Kit-Extender

     Designed to better fit your needs...

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Another creation from ...
Wolf Wind Leatherworks 

Wolf Quick-Release Keychain


Wolf Casual Belt with Wolf MASH Hook and Wolf EDC Pouch

Wolf Signature Pipe & Tobacco Pouch

        Wolf CLASH Hook 

 Wolf VIII Pathfinder custom sheath for Fällkniven M. Bowie knife

Wolf Travel Wallet

Wolf Neck upgrade sheath for Fällkniven WM1 knife with extra Fomi clip attachment for belt carry option

Wolf Equipment Belt and Wolf Survival Pouch

Wolf V Adv. sheath for Esee 4 knife

Wolf Tactical Belt and Wolf Equipment Belt

 Wolf Heavy-Duty Operation Bag - Kryptek Mandrake with 
Wolf Utility Sling (included)